Here's How Fitpro's Are Getting 2-4x More Leads From Their Websites By Answering These 4 Simple Questions  

If you want to easily generate more leads from your website in the next 30 minutes without using complicated software, hiring expensive web guys or even learning copywriting...

...then stop everything right now and watch this video below:

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If you watch the above video, in the next 30mins you can have a new way to get as much as 2-4x more leads from your website because..

..inside the video I share with you my unique 4 question framework that addresses the biggest questions people have when they land on your website.

The best bit?

This is proven to work and fitpro's just like you are already using this to get more leads. 

For example..

"My website converts now thanks to Mike. "

Joe Reeve,

Joe Reeve did what most PT's do and hired a "web guy" (for a few grand) who made him a really nice looking website. 

Initially Joe was happy. The website looked great, it looked professional. 

After a few months Joe began to wonder why he wasn't getting any leads or enquiries via his website. 

Then Joe reached out and asked for help. 

I got him to answer just 4 simple questions about his prospects/clients. 

We then took the answers to those 4 questions and updated the text on his website. 

Almost immediately his website started converting visitors to leads & enquiries....even organic ones.

PT's using the 4 question framework send me messages like this all the time

Results like this are the norm when you're using my simple 4 question framework but..

You're probably wondering "If its so simple, why didn't my web-guy that I paid £3k to figure it out?" 

Here's why: 

99% of "web guys" are designers or coders.

They're really good at making stuff look sexy. 

Ask your web guy about direct response marketing/copywriting though and watch their eyes glaze over. 

Its not their fault. Its not your fault. 

Fact is though, a nice looking website without direct response copywriting principles will not convert well (if at all). 

You can fix that in the next 30minutes using my proven 4 question framework thats so simple to use even your admin staff or child can use it to make pages convert better. 

Click here to watch the video now, thank me later.

Hey, I'm Mike Sweeney.

I've been studying consumer psychology & copywriting for about 10 years already. Some of the industries I've built websites that convert visitors into leads/enquiries for include: dog grooming, kids parties, software, gyms, private PT studios and even online membership sites. I also grew my own fitness business from zero to 10k/pm using just 1 email per day and a 1 page website.