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How To Write Daily Follow Up Emails That Get Clients

6 Lessons Easy

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So as you know I built my fitness business up to £5k monthly just with daily emails like I'm going to teach you. Before you dive in though, I just wanted to share just a few of the replies I used to get from those emails. There are loads more but these are the ones I have to hand: 

(note: most of these are from when daily email was my main marketing strategy, which was 2015-2017.)

"Dear Mike,

 I would just like to say thank you for your daily "nutritionable" emails.

They are very entertaining and refreshing, and most importantly, have given me the mental kick up the arse that I have needed to give myself.  

I have spent far too long making excuses and putting obstacles in my way; I know how to do this, I have just realised I need to DO IT, not keep talking and planning to do it!

Thank you again!


Justine Astill

" I love the daily e-mails by the way, please keep them coming :-)


Chris "

Chris Melia

" Hey Mike!


Meant to reply last week, but somehow forgot. Spot on with these emails. Looking forward to them every day, and reading them from the top to the bottom and don't ignore them! ha ha ha, and that's something to say ;)

Thanks for the great information and confirming that I`m doing things right. Keep up the good work ;)

Have a great day ;)


Kate "

Kate Jones

" Your email alerts are awesome – I like the “info-tainment” style.

Personally I find them funny and they always give me a little boost to stick to my strategy for health maintenance.

The little email alerts from you help a lot – especially knowing you smashed over 4000kcals of chocolate and aren’t worried in the slightest puts my overindulgence in perspective a little.


Anyway keep up the good work – the alerts are certainly appreciated "

Dr Lee Hamilton, PhD

" Just wanted to say BIG Thank You.

You are a credit to your profession.  I think you your dry wit and sarcasm are often spoilt on people.  What you provide is simple knowledge bombs in layman terms and you keep real (bro).

Nina "


Wouldn't it be nice if people responded like the above to your marketing messages? 

Thats exactly what I'm going to show you in this short course. Lets crack on..

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Course Structure

What Is “Edu-Tainment” And Why Use It?

Here's why people aren't paying attention to your "fitness tips".

Proof This Works

Got doubts? Only natural. Here's what readers of my emails used to say. 

The Basic Structure Of An Edutainment Email That People Actually Want To Read

So here's the basic overview of the structure that will make it easy for you to quickly write edu-taining emails that your prospects love to read and want to buy from. 

The “WHAT” Portion Of The Email

You've got 3s to get your prospects attention. Here's how you do it. 

The ‘WHY’ And ‘LESSON’ Portion Of The Email

Once you've gotten their attention with a entertaining story that isn't about fitness, they'll naturally have this single question on their mind. Here's how to answer it so they don't feel like you're just spamming them. 

The “APPLY” And “CTA” portion of the email

Here's where you add real value so your prospects feels like you're trying to help them before asking for their money. Here's also where you tell them to sign up.