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How To Write Daily Follow Up Emails That Get Clients

6 Lessons Easy

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If you want to be able to write simple daily emails that pre-sell your personal training services. Then here's the method I used to build a £5k per month fitness business in 6 months. 

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What Is “Edu-Tainment” And Why Use It?

Here's why people aren't paying attention to your "fitness tips".

Proof This Works

Got doubts? Only natural. Here's what readers of my emails used to say. 

The Basic Structure Of An Edutainment Email That People Actually Want To Read

So here's the basic overview of the structure that will make it easy for you to quickly write edu-taining emails that your prospects love to read and want to buy from. 

The “WHAT” Portion Of The Email

You've got 3s to get your prospects attention. Here's how you do it. 

The ‘WHY’ And ‘LESSON’ Portion Of The Email

Once you've gotten their attention with a entertaining story that isn't about fitness, they'll naturally have this single question on their mind. Here's how to answer it so they don't feel like you're just spamming them. 

The “APPLY” And “CTA” portion of the email

Here's where you add real value so your prospects feels like you're trying to help them before asking for their money. Here's also where you tell them to sign up.  

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