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"Mike rebuilt my website so fast it was unreal. Now I have a site that converts! Not only that but he showed me how it all works so I'm no longer in the dark when it comes to 'tech'." - Joe Reeve, Your Body Fitness.


Want me to build you a website that gets you more leads for your fitness business....& gets those leads excited to work with you?

So you can add at least 3-10 new clients to your business each month and focus on serving your clients instead of wasting time struggling to figure it out yourself?

Hey, My name is Mike & over the past few years I've personally built or consulted on websites that convert people into customers in several markets: dog grooming, software, kids parties and yes fitness. 

The reason it's gone so well is..

..because I learned marketing to be able to get more clients first for my own fitness businesses.

Along the way I learned how to build websites but more specifically websites that convert prospects to customers, websites that position you as the authority and websites that get prospects excited to work with you (rendering your competition irrelevant).

There is a formula to what I’ve been doing too…


The New Fitness Authority Website System Our Clients Have Been Using To Quickly Attract More Leads & Get Them Excited To Work With You Even Before They Talk To You..

..And on this page I’ll explain how I can help YOU implement this into your fitness business so you can get more leads, more clients and grow faster.

You likely already know that a website can be the most valuable asset in your business, doing your selling for you 24/7 even whilst you’re not working.

But the problem is learning how to use technology to create websites, figuring out what to write, deciding what images to use then making everything work together can be difficult and time consuming..

However, my fitness authority website system is a SHORTCUT around all of that. Its the fastest way I’ve found to:

  • Turn your website into a source of highly qualified leads
  • That are excited to work with you even before they’ve talked to you
  • WITHOUT wasting time and money on over priced software or spending thousands whilst you try to figure it all out yourself..

But before I explain the process, here’s WHY this approach works so well compared to what most fitpro’s are doing with their websites & why it results in getting more qualified leads into your business & faster too…

3 Factors your site must have to make it generate leads

#1: The Science Of Getting People To Take Action. 

Ever heard of Self-Determination Theory? Ever heard of the “Motivation Equation”? Ever heard of Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs?

Most people haven’t.

But scientists have been researching for decades why people take action and why they don’t.

There have been books written on this topic such as Drive by Daniel Pink and Influence by Robert Cialdini.

My approach starts with these scientifically proven factors that get people off the fence and taking action so that when they visit YOUR site, they're encouraged to take action for all the right reasons. 

#2: Direct Response Marketing.

This is as it sounds, its marketing thats designed to get someone to take action NOW, not later.

This isn’t about gash looking red headlines or false promises. Its actually about being hyper specific about who you want to work with and crafting a message that speaks directly to them and what they want.

This is fundamental to standing out in an increasingly competitive industry and its an approach that has been used since the 1950’s to help small businesses compete with large corporations. 

I use direct response marketing principles to make sure YOUR websites message & design attract the clients you actually want to work with. 

#3: Conversion Focused Design.

Most people think that design is about making stuff look nice.

Whilst that can be true, when it comes to generating leads & customers a nice looking website isn’t enough.

I've worked with & hired the best copywriters in the industry and analysed 1000's of websites across multiple industries so we know what converts and what doesn't. 

I use specific conversion rate optimisation (CRO) principles to make sure the right people convert from just browsing to sending enquiries (or whatever next step you want them to take).

Adding these factors/principles/frameworks to your website on top of a beautiful design will mean a few things: 

  • Your website becomes a source of highly qualified leads
  • They will be excited to work with you even before they’ve talked to you
  • You'll position yourself as the only logical choice for your ideal client

Sound good?

Now of course you need things to look good so your website represents your business to the highest level, but it also needs all the above to make sure it actually works! 

Here are a few examples of websites I've done recently that look good and use all the above:

real examples

Example #1: A custom website I built for a health food company. Notice the clean design, as well as the use of good copywriting. Its also obvious how to take action. 

Example #2: A custom website I built for Fitterbody Ladies, one of the UK's most successful gym franchises. Again, modern clean design. Use of good copywriting. The reader knows exactly whats on offer & how to take action. 

Example #3: A custom website I built for a PT who runs a bootcamp business. This trainer had a unique logo made and I built the website to match. I also wrote the copy for him. 

here's how to do this for your website


Step 1 - Identify Your Ideal Clients

The first step is us working together to get clear on exactly who your ideal clients are, what they want etc. This is a crucial step because it informs all the other steps (even the design). Don't worry if you've never done this before, I'll walk you through the process to make sure you nail it. 


Step 2 - Design Brief & Prototype Build 

The next step is where we discuss your design and how you want things to look visually. Once we're clear then I'll start building the prototype of your new website. .This step involves copywriting, design, code and more for me. Once I'm done we'll schedule a call to discuss. 


Step 3 - Review & Go Live

Once I've added all your images, videos, hooked up all the tech (like forms) etc we'll take one last look at things, make any last minute changes you want and then (if you're happy) put your new website live so it can start generating leads for you. 

Want me to do this for you?

So, if you want to stop wasting time & money trying to do it all yourself & rather have me build & launch a website for you using these PROVEN systems FOR YOU in less than 30 days so you can speak to high quality leads every day who are excited to work with you and ready to buy…

Then fill out the application on this page & schedule a call to chat to see if we’re a good fit. 

When you work with me, I will personally:

Help You Get Clear

I'll walk you through my simple process for getting clear on exactly who your ideal clients are & uncover what they REALLY want so that when we put your new site live, yours will be the only website that really talks to them & gets them to take action.

Design & Build A Prototype

I'll come up with a design that speaks to your ideal clients + represents your business to the highest level. I'll then turn that design into a working prototype. Don't like the design? You'll have multiple options. 

Sort All The Tech For You

I'll take care of ALL the complex tech stuff: DNS settings, SSL certificates, domain names, hosting, email configuration, forms etc ALL of this will be sorted for you so all you do is reply to your new leads. 

Communicate Often

Every step of the way I'll communicate with you openly & often so at any given time you'll know exactly where we are in the process and whats coming next. 

Conversion Copywriting

I'll do all the copywriting that goes into making your message & offer clear & compelling. Normally hiring a copywriter costs thousands all by itself. 

Be There When You Need Me

Think of me as your website/tech concierge. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, just ring and I'll be there to sort it for you.

warning: spaces are extremely limited

I like to provide a very high level of service to my clients so on any given month, I'll only take on a maximum of 4 new clients. So naturally, spaces are extremely limited. 

That said, if you're seeing this page then that means spaces are available. 

So lets chat about your new website shall we?

Fill out the application and I look forward to seeing YOU be my next success story with the results you’ve gotten.

more examples of sites i've built:

Below: huge website build for RunStrong club. 

Below: new website for Strong Curves. Based on Jennas ideal client profile, I helped her identify the name, designed her new logo, designed & built her new site, did all the graphics and the copywriting for her new website. 

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