How To Get More Sign Ups Via Email Without Sounding Like A Pushy Salesman

here’s how to get prospects to sign NOW not later

If you’re doing email marketing and want to sign up more clients from the emails you send without any fake scarcity or any other dodgy used car salesman tricks then here’s how you do it.

So when a trainer becomes a customer of mine. I typically tend to ethically ‘stalk’ that person. Just to see what they’re up to.

And one customer in particular send this email to his list the other day:

Which to be fair, was a really good subject line for an email.


Because it seemed personal.

People have so many emails in their inboxes these days and most of them are generic salesy type from big companies.

So the more you can blur the lines between what looks personal and doesn’t makes all the difference.

Pete did a great job at this.

Even though I knew what he was going to be talking about, I still clicked.

Now I’m not sure if Pete actually got any sign ups from this email or not, possibly he did, but based on the ‘close’ in the email, he could have gotten a lot more.

Here’s how he ‘closed’ (by closed I mean ended) his email:

Now on the surface there is nothing wrong with this at all.

However the BIG question on your prospects mind is this:


Again Pete did nothing wrong here.

He just tried to politely reminded people that Xmas isn’t far away.

Only problem with that is this:

For most people, Xmas is an excuse to say “f**k it” and go off the rails.

So theres a solid chance this call to action failed or at least didn’t work as well as it could have.


To achieve this is a simple matter of psychology.

Most people (you included) usually only buy stuff for 2 reasons:

#1: desire
#2: to solve a problem

With that in mind, nobody desires to embark on a restrictive diet and training regime. That just doesn’t sound like fun. And with Xmas around the corner? Damn, I may as well enjoy the mince pies <—– is what your prospects will be thinking.

So we have to strike upon #2 – create a problem they must solve, right now.

And how you do that without being a used car salesman is by using contrast.

Contrast is simply the gap between where they are right now compared to where they want to be.


Lets say you market to men. You know they are overweight. You know they want to be lean and strong.

Your call to action would be a lot stronger by saying something like:

“And look if you want simple instructions even the busiest of men could follow to build a lean, strong, attractive physique then go here {link}…

…or you could keep doing what you’re doing and wake up on Jan 1st looking in the mirror thinking of new ways to cover up your physique and telling yourself that the reason your Mr’s doesn’t want sex is because she’s frigid – totally nothing to do with you looking like a potato.”

^^ Ok thats a really basic example, but I think you get the point?

In every email you send make sure your call to action (CTA) includes contrasting where they are right now Vs where they actually want to be and you’ll find more people click and ultimately more people sign up.