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What Is “Edu-Tainment” And Why Use It?

Lesson 1

If you've ever wondered why prospects don't read your 'fitness tips' emails or videos then here's why: 

most of your prospects are either bored or not really interested in fitness. 

Yes they want the RESULTS they get from fitness, but they're not really interested in the details. 

Its a bit like, you enjoy the benefits that driving a car gives you, right? But are you interested in the mechanics of how the car makes that happen? Of course not. 

Its the same with (most) your prospects and fitness. 

They want the RESULT and they're usually not particularly bothered about the details. 

Not only that but people check their phones 100's of times per day either to get stuff done or because they're bored. 

This is where this 'edutainment' (sometimes called info-tainment) approach comes in handy. 

The basic premise is we write to them about stuff that entertaining but also with a smidge of education too. 

Its almost like, instead of trying to ram dry broccoli (fitness tips) down their throat, we first layer the broccoli with cheese (the yummy stuff) and all of a sudden, it tastes good. 

And thats kind of how you want your follow up to be. 

There is a time and a place to just be pure educational (because this can demonstrate your expertise), but typically, most of the time, if you stick with this edu-tainment approach you'll do well. 

By "well" I mean, people will enjoy reading your stuff, over time they'll learn to relate to and trust you & eventually they'll buy (when they're ready). 

In the next lesson I'll give you the overview of the framework I personally used to create a £5k/pm online fitness business. 

P.S. its probably worth mentioning that I didn't invent this way of email. I first learned in from Paul Mort. I then learned similar stuff from Ben Settle. Both of whom use this kind of email format. All I did was make it into a simple structure thats easy to implement.