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The “WHAT” Portion Of The Email

Lesson 4

The WHAT portion of the email (the first bit) is crucial. 


Because this is where people make a split second decision about whether to pay attention to your email or ignore it. 

And this is exactly why we start with the entertaining stuff i.e. stories. 

So when I'm writing an email I like to ask myself these questions: 

  1. what interesting stuff has happened in my life recently? 
  2. what interesting stuff have I read / seen / watched recently? (this could be a movie, a book, youtube video, news article etc) 

The key to making this work is it needs to be entertaining/interesting not only to you but also your prospects.

For example, if you write emails to women 30+ theres no point writing to them about your cool  new motorbike because guess what? They don't find that kinda thing interesting AT ALL. 

What a busy woman 30yrs+ would be interested in though is celebrity gossip. If you doubt this, consider the fact that my wife is an environmental scientist with a great career and her guilty pleasure is reading the daily mail gossip columns online. Women love that stuff.

They are also interested in other stuff too but thats just one example. 

Like I said the key is to make sure the WHAT portion of your example is a simple story of something you've read/seen/heard/experienced that they would also find interesting or entertaining or can relate to (i.e. most women 30+ have kids, so telling funny stories about your kids would work because they can relate to that). 

Here's an example of the WHAT portion of an email I wrote to a list of male prospects: 


Subject Line:

fat loss secrets of a rampaging (and drunk) monkey

'What' Portion Of The Email:

According to Huffington post a small little monkey walked into a bar in Brazil the other day 

The primate then proceeded to “steal drinks” by drinking alcohol from glasses left on the tables by people 

This drunken monkey staggered into the kitchen and stole a damn kitchen knife and ended up on the street chasing children with it 

Fortunately nobody actually got hurt BUT local official have detained the monkey 


Having just come back from the rainforest I can vouch that some monkey’s are indeed BAT SHIT CRAZY 

Apparently a few days before we got to the Organ Utan rehab centre in Borneo an American had taken his T-Shirt off as a result of the blistering heat and placed it on the bench next to him 

Without him noticing a medium sized fuzzball of orange Orang Utan came up behind him and stole his T-Shirt 

The primate was then spotted running around the compound actually wearing the guys t-shirt 


First I’ve heard of monkeys drinking alcohol though!


Can you see how that works?  Its just purely opening with telling them about a funny news article I saw. No fitness stuff. Nothing. Just purely entertaining / interesting stuff that they would probably find hard NOT to read. 

This part is not as hard as you think. Here are some places where you can get these 'stories' from:

  1. stuff thats happened in your life
  2. TV shows
  3. Movies
  4. Gossip Columns 
  5. The 'weird' Section Of Any Online Newspaper i.e.
  6. Books
  7. Magazines

You can pretty much turn anything into a short, entertaining story. Don't over think it. 

Imagine yourself walking into the pub to meet your mates and you just start telling them about something weird / funny / entertaining / interesting that happened. 

Write like that. 

In the next section we'll go through the WHY and LESSON portion of the email and you'll see the above email build up as we go along. 


Lets go.