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The Basic Structure Of An Edutainment Email That People Actually Want To Read

Lesson 3

So here's the overview of the basic structure of edu-taining emails that pre-sell your services and get people wanting to hear from you. 

We'll dissect this more in the next lessons. 

Here's the structure: 


i.e. what are you telling them about? whats the story? make it relevant to stuff they would be interested in, wether its fitness related or not. 

(I'll show you examples in the next lessons). 


i.e. why is this relevant to the person you're writing to?

(this is where it helps to know your ideal customer avatar).


i.e. whats the lesson to be learned from this story you've just told me? how does this help me?


i.e. how do I apply this in my own life?


i.e. This is where you simply invite them to apply for your program if they want to achieve said result easier/faster/simpler than they could by themselves. 

(best to make this a soft CTA i.e. click here to apply rather than click here to buy)


You could simplify this further, it just depends what makes sense for you. For example you could say: 

Start with a story (of something thats happened in your day/life/something you read or saw on TV) 

Relate it to fitness somehow 

Call to action 

Its the same thing and more or less what you're trying to achieve. 


Seem easy? 


In the next lessons, we will dive deeper with examples.