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The “APPLY” And “CTA” portion of the email

Lesson 6

OK, so at this point you've seen me & hopefully understand the WHAT portion of the email, the WHY + LESSON portion.. here's where we actually help your clients up front by explaining how to APPLY what you've just taught them. 

This is important because most people feel like most businesses are just trying to sell them (and they are). 

Theres nothing wrong with that other than the fact that people love to buy stuff but they hate to feel like they're being sold to.

So with the APPLY section, we're basically demonstrating we can help them by actually helping them up front. 

^^^ re-read that because its crucial. 

It basically places you as a credible authority in the mind of the person reading your email. This is crucial to pre-selling them on your services. 

PLUS, they won't see you as just a pushy salesman and more of a trusted advisor, which is what you want. 


So lets continue with the "drunken monkey" email example, I'll block the sections off clearly so you can see how the parts fit together. 

[what section]

According to Huffington post a small little monkey walked into a bar in Brazil the other day 

The primate then proceeded to “steal drinks” by drinking alcohol from glasses left on the tables by people 

This drunken monkey staggered into the kitchen and stole a damn kitchen knife and ended up on the street chasing children with it 

Fortunately nobody actually got hurt BUT local official have detained the monkey 


Having just come back from the rainforest I can vouch that some monkey’s are indeed BAT SHIT CRAZY 

Apparently a few days before we got to the Organ Utan rehab centre in Borneo an American had taken his T-Shirt off as a result of the blistering heat and placed it on the bench next to him 

Without him noticing a medium sized fuzzball of orange Orang Utan came up behind him and stole his T-Shirt 

The primate was then spotted running around the compound actually wearing the guys t-shirt 


First I’ve heard of monkeys drinking alcohol though!

[why + lesson section]



You’re probably wondering WTF this has to do with anything, right? 

Well chachi, I have you covered 

See this cheeky monkey (literally) was apparently “acting aggressive” towards people 

So much so that nobody tried to stop the little fella from getting what he wanted (some booze and a knife) 

What if you approached your goals with that level of aggressiveness? 

What if you applied so much assertiveness towards what you actually want that nothing could stand in your way?

We’re taught by society that being aggressive is a bad thing - hence the rise of the metrosexual, probably 

But thats nonsense. 

Guys are born aggressive. 

And you should direct some of that aggressiveness TOWARDS getting what you want instead of getting aggressive at yourself for not getting what you want 

Am I making sense? 

Aggression is only bad when its misplaced. 

Attack your goals like a tiger attacks its prey and you’ll find it hard not to succeed.

[apply + CTA section]

So HOW do you do this?

Well first you gotta know WHAT the hell it is you want. 

No flimflammery here. 

Get real with yourself and be honest. 

Then you gotta GET FIRED UP….which basically means having a solid reason why you should be bothered 

(I show you how here)

^^^ Worth writing that down. 

Most people approach their goals with an attitude of “yeah, it’d be nice” 

Whereas you kinda wanna be like “this is life or death. I’m nailing this or I’ll die trying” 

And the only way to achieve that is by getting crazy clear on WHY  (hint: saying you wanna look and feel better is bollocks. At least according to researchers 😉 

So there you have it, the fat loss secrets of a rampaging drunk monkey. 

Over and out. 

- Mike 

P.S. Misdirected aggression IS pointless. Go here [insert link to application form/website]
for a personalised blueprint that’ll allow you to be aggressive in a way that’ll actually get you leaner and stronger in less time


See how that works? 

I'm just giving them a simple way to apply the lesson I've just shared with them via an entertaining story. 

I've also given them a Call To Action (CTA) in the P.S. No hard selling tactics needed. Just a simple 'if you want to achieve results faster/easier/etc then apply here' kind of thing. 

You DON'T have to put the CTA in the P.S. You can put it in the main email if you want. It just so happens I put it in the P.S. in this particular email. 

Make sense?

It should. Its super simple but super effective. And 99% of your competitors aren't doing this.