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Here’s the Original Crazy Ad + Who To Show It To

Lesson 1 Module 1


Local PT’s. target audience = women/men 30yrs+. Must have a proven conversion mechanism already in place. 

(If you don’t know how to follow up with leads and “sell” them then this’ll be pointless for you)


AUDIENCE #1: Anyone that’s visited your website/landing page or watched 50% of any of your videos in the past 30 days. 

AUDIENCE #2: +15mile radius from your gym i.e. women, 30yrs+, +15mile radius from le3 1es. 


(note: create 1 new campaign with the objective of LEADS/CLICKS. Use “Campaign Budget Optimization” because then FB will find the winner for you. Create 2 Adsets inside that campaign. First adset = target audience #1. Second adset = target audience #2. Spend £5-£10 per day on each and see which one wins. Both should work. If you used “Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)” then FB will automatically find the winner and scale that for you. The winner = the one that acquires new customers for the lowest price.)

Here’s The Crazy Ad


Customise this to your specific business / ideal customer. If you run this as a “lead ad” then the call to action is to invite people to apply via facebook. If you run this as a “traffic” ad and are sending people to an opt in page, the call to action is invite this to apply via your LINK. I’d recommend a lead ad as they are cheaper but make sure you have them APPLY with more than just their email. (you can add in emoji’s into this for extra attention getting effect)

———————— crazy ad below ————————

Hey Men/Women In Leicester Wanting To Improve Their Fitness I know I know…

The last trainer promised all sorts of crazy unrealistic things that never turned out to be true. 

Sadly a lot of in-experienced trainers promise the world then either don’t deliver or expect you to cut out all your favourite foods and smash yourself in the gym every day  

Hardly doable for a busy mum/dad with an already super busy life is it?

That’s why at [Insert Fit Biz Name] we won’t promise you unrealistic miracles.

Here’s What We Can Say With Confidence Though: 

If you join us…

Your nutrition will be personalised keeping things flexible/family friendly so you still get to enjoy the weekends whilst making progress 

You’ll train in the most time efficient/effective way so you can stay consistent and actually enjoy it 

You’ll be helped/guided/supported with anything that gets in the way so you feel supported the whole way

You’ll get to experience our scientifically designed “4F Fitness Game Framework” that gives you the mindset you need to succeed short and long term.

You’ll be surrounded by others just like you who were promised the earth and let down but are now progressing using realistic methods that can be sustained 

You won’t be hard sold into a silly expensive program. Our program costs less than you likely spend on coffee/lunch each day. 

We’d love to help if you’re ready: 

[Link to lead capture page or invite to opt in to lead ad] 

So if you’re ready don’t wait around because our facility can physically only fit in X number of people and once those spaces are filled we’ll switch this ad off so you may not see it again. Plus time isn’t standing still so, why wait?Apply Now to let us know you’re interested and we’ll show you the next steps:


Talk soon, 

Coach Name