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Day 9: Hot Button Email #3

Lesson 5 Module 1

OK so another hot button email, here's the basic structure: 

  • Bring Up The Issue
  • Teach them how to fix it 
  • Offer to fix it faster/easier

Here's an example I wrote for a personal trainer:

Subject Line: you don't have time?

“Craig, I’ve got 2 kids a busy job & an ever growing list of things to do I don’t have time to exercise or eat better”

can you relate to that? 

Thats what a lot of women tell me before they join GFA’s 6 week challenge. 

And I get it. I’ve got kids of my own. I have a busy job. Truly, it can be challenging. 

But here’s the thing with all of this…

exercising, eating well, maintaining a healthy body and really just SELF CARE. 

and if you’re not taking good care of yourself, meaning, you’re not at your best

what impact do you think that has on your kids, family or even your work life? 

^^^^ took me sooooo many years to make that mental shift so don’t feel bad if the penny has only just dropped. 

But basically when you schedule even just 1-2hrs per week to ‘take care of yourself’ (i.e. get some fun exercise etc) you’re literally showing up into your world at your best. 

That means you’ll have the energy to keep up with the kids. You’ll stress less. You’ll be more productive. Heck you might even feel like getting naughty with your partner 😉 

So how do you make this happen? 

Really simply by blocking off some time each week in your calendar. But do it ahead of time. 

Because you will forget. So it can be helpful when your phone beeps at you to remind you 🙂 

Think about it like this: 

you’ve got 168hrs in a week. 

Blocking off 2 hours for a bit of self care for yourself is literally only 1.1% of your week. 

Not much, is it? 

Now you can totally do this yourself. Block off the time. Join a gym. Follow some restrictive meal plan thing. 


You can join the GFA 6 Week Challenge where I’ll personally help you achieve your best body simpler, faster and easier than you could alone. 


Because I’ve helped that many women now that our program is really dialled in. We’ve even had input from an ex-NHS Dietitian to help us build the best program that specifically catered for busy women 30+ like yourself. 

And we’d love to have you involved, so apply here: 

Then I’ll personally be in touch either via a phone call or SMS (your preference) just to answer any questions you have and to assess suitability 

(there are some types of people we can’t work with i.e. serious clinical conditions etc)

We only open the doors for our challenge every 6 weeks so I’d recommend applying today 🙂 

Here’s that link again: 

Any questions let me know. 


Glasgow Fitness Academy