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Day 6: Hot Button Email #2

Lesson 4 Module 1

Ok so another hot button email, so the basic formula is this: 

  • Highlight Issue
  • Teach them how to fix it 
  • Offer to fix it faster/easier

Here’s an actual example I used in my own business: 

One of the biggest frustrations of fitness business owners is this: 

Client signs up and says they’re motivated. 

6 weeks later, their results are underwhelming and they cancel their direct debit with you. 

You message them but get zero response. 

You’re left wondering why they didn’t take action when they said they were super motivated. 


 I’ve experienced this too. I’m pretty sure every fitness business owner experiences this at one point or another. 

The thing I’ve realised? Its the hidden stuff thats getting in the way. 

Things like stress, tiredness, lack of time and emotional eating. 

These are the things, according to research, that make it hard for most people to stay consistent with their eating and exercise program. 

So if you’re not coaching clients around those areas? They’re going to struggle. 

A super simple thing to get clients doing to help tackle all of these issues is to encourage them to meditate for 5-12 minutes per day. 

This is a proven way to reduce stress, reduce tiredness and consequently reduce emotional eating. 

Apps like Headspace & Calm are free to use so you don’t even need to know how to teach this 🙂 

Now you might be thinking: 

“Sounds good but how in the hell am I supposed to train clients, do my admin, create meal plans AND now encourage clients with meditation or ask them about this other stuff?” And thats a great question. 

Its exactly why I built the Simplified Body Nutrition System. It automates the nutrition stuff for you so you don’t have to do it so you actually feel like you have time to do this coaching stuff which is what will make the difference between your clients being consistent and not. 

Go here to find out how automating your client nutrition works and how to save up to 41hrs per month whilst achieving consistent client results 🙂 

Meditating right now, 

Mike Sweeney, UK RD

—- end of email —–

Notice how all I did was a) raise a common issue my avatar has then b) explained how to fix it then c) offered to help them fix it faster/easier. Then just added a call to action. simple stuff, eh?