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Day 3: Hot Button Email #1

Lesson 3 Module 1

So people buy stuff in response to problems they have or desires they have.

So these "hot buttons" are basically prodding those 'problem buttons' they have to entice them to sign up with us. 

Here's what we want to cover in this email: 

  • The Issue
  • Teach them how to fix it 
  • Offer to fix it faster/easier

Here's an example I used in my own business: 

Are you confident with what to tell clients about nutrition? 

A lot of trainers aren’t. 

And its not surprising. 

Nutrition can be confusing. There’s so much hype and nonsense around its hard to make sense of it if you haven’t had any training in science. 

Some trainers think low fat is best. Some think low carb is best. Others think keto is best. Others force their clients to be vegan etc. 

Truth is, all of these are useful depending on the context. 

Because it can be confusing, especially when working with clients, I created this short video that shows you my Nutrition Coaching Framework. 

This basically makes it easy for you to know what to tell clients about nutrition, how to make it easy for them to implement and how to keep them consistent with that advice. 

It took me a degree in sports science, a masters in dietetics and multiple years of working with clients to figure this out.

And you can get all that knowledge just by watching this 3 minute video 🙂 


Mike Sweeney, UK RD


P.S. You could take this framework and implement in manually with every single client you have. That would still put you ahead of the crowd but it would also take considerable time. If you’d like to automate this then go here.

-------- end of email -------

Notice what I did here. 

I brought up the problem they're facing in a non pushy way (unconfident with what to tell clients about nutrition). 

I provided a solution (nutrition coaching framework). 

I then offered to help them fix this even faster/easier (using our software). 

So all you need to do is decide what your avatars hot button #1 is. Maybe its motivation. Maybe its cravings. Maybe its finding time. Whatever it is, use the structure above and they'll either convert or perceive you to be an authority which means they'll convert later down the line 🙂