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Day 14: What To Do If They Still Haven’t Converted

Lesson 7 Module 1

OK, so what if your prospect has gone through this sequence you've built and they still haven't converted? 

Easiest option = add them to your 'broadcast list'. 

Depending on your email software you can either tag them as 'broadcast' or if you're still using an old fashioned software like Aweber you'll need to move them to your broadcast list. 

Broadcast is just a term used to mean for sending one off emails too. 

So basically any time you create anything of value to your prospects (a video, a download, even just an email rant or something) send it to them if you really think it'll interest or help them. 

Over time they'll get to know you better and may convert further down the line. 

Sometimes some people just take longer to build trust with you. Thats fine. Which is why we do this.