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Day 12: SPEAR Direct Email

Lesson 6 Module 1

OK another SPEAR email....

Here's all the email needs to be, one sentence:  

Would you like some help with ______________ ?

alternative version: 

are you still interested in ________________ ?  

------- end of email ------

Wait for their reply, then reply with:

quick facts + benefits about your program. Ask them if they want to sign up/get involved/start a trial.

‚Äč------- end of email -------

This might not seem like much, but what we're doing here is blurring the lines between people knowing your emails are automated and making them feel like you actually personally sent them that email. 

That makes them likely to respond. 

On a side note: I did not invent this, Dean Jackson (a multi-millionaire marketer) invented this and teaches this in his masterminds.