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Day 1: SPEAR Email

Lesson 2 Module 1

So the SPEAR email is designed to be specific, personalised and expecting a response. Here's the factors to include: 

  1. Are you interested in ________________ ?
  2. Bring up problems: Maybe you’re like some of my customers who were struggling with / feeling / XYZ 
  3. Invitation: So I want to invite you to check out our product you can get [benefit],  [benefit], [benefit] etc.

Here's a real life example I use in my own business: 

Are you interested in systemising your fitness business so you can grow it faster in less time? 

Let me know. 

Maybe you’re like some of the trainers I already work with. In the beginning they were confused about nutrition, overwhelmed at the thought of having to study the topic even frustrated with poor retention rates and average client results. 

If that sounds even remotely like you then I’d like to invite you to check out the SimplifiedBody Nutrition System by clicking here. Its the UK’s only automated nutrition system thats built on a foundation of scientific evidence. Basically the stuff you’d learn on a 1-2 year nutrition certification/degree….our software does all that for you so you can focus on growing your business 🙂 

So if predictable client results whilst saving yourself up to 40hrs per month sounds appealing, check us out here. 

Here to help,
Mike Sweeney, UK RD

See how that works? 

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They may even reply to you. But don't be worried if they don't.