Email Marketing
Written Content

Day 0 (send immediately)

Lesson 1 Module 1

So this is basically the welcome email. They've literally just opted in to your lead magnet or application form (you can adapt this for both). So we want to communicate the following things: 

  • Who am I & how do I help?
  • Sell the thing they just downloaded - why is it useful for them?
  • When you’re ready, here’s how we can help (1 thing or multiple things in a list) / Let me know 1 thing you’re struggling with (SMIQ - content ideas)

Here's A Real Life Example I Use In My Own Business: 

Hey I’m Mike Sweeney. UK Registered Dietitian and founder of SimplifiedBody which helps busy fitpro’s systemise and automate client nutrition using evidence based principles. 

Enough about me though…

The blog you just read and the PDF you’ve requested combined is what I refer to as: The Fitness Business Owners Ultimate Bookshelf. 

I call it that because after 12 years in this industry and having successfully run multiple businesses (in and out of fitness) these are the books that have had the biggest impact on me and my business bar none. 

If you read these books and just understand the basic principles you’ll be head and shoulders above your competitors in terms of nutrition knowledge, training knowledge, ability to consistently produce results for clients, you’ll know exactly how to motivate your clients in the right way which will improve your retention and you’ll know exactly what marketing to deploy to bring you your ideal customers.

Yup, that sounds like a lot of claims. But its all true. These are the books that have helped me do all of those things in my own businesses and I’ve used this same knowledge to help other trainers achieve the same. 

Now its your turn 🙂 

The best part? Much of what you’ll learn from these books is timeless wisdom that can be applied to ANY business. So its a great investment of your time. 

Download it now by clicking here. 

Then buy all the books (to save money you can buy second hand copies via Amazon). 

Then implement at least 1-2 things from each book. Do that, and I guarantee your business will improve with more leads, more customers, more consistent client results and for you, more income and confidence. 

And when you’re ready to transition from being a solo-preneur i.e. doing everything yourself to systemising your fitness business and growing your fitness business to 10k/pm and beyond then its worth knowing that the Simplified Body Nutrition System is the only software of its kind that’s built on evidence based principles and designed to save you time. 

Check it out here if you’re interested. 

Excited for you, 

Mike Sweeney, UK RD


------------------------------ end of email ---------------------- 

As you can see, there are no hard rules. I've basically just introduced myself and explained how I help people like them (your avatar). 

I've explained the relevance and benefits of what they've just downloaded/opted in for. 

Then I've basically told them how I can help them move forwards faster/easier.

You could replace this with asking them the SMIQ question (single most important question) which is as follows: 

"Whats your #1 struggle/frustration with [desired outcome] right now?" 

^^^ that was devised by Ryan Levesque in his book The Ask Method. If you add it to your emails, over time it'll give you endless content/video marketing ideas to put in your ads/emails/on your blog/youtube/etc. 

You don't have to include it, but its a good idea to include it at some point so you can make sure you're creating content that is relevant to your target market.