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We'll build you a conversion focused website that attracts your ideal customers & differentiates you from the competition. We'll even manage everything for you month to month. 

Let me be blunt: most PT websites just flat out don’t work.

They typically look like they were built in 1996. They sometimes are so fancily designed that they are hard  to navigate, especially on mobile devices (and 50% of web traffic these days is on mobile).

Most often though, they’re designed by an expensive “web guy” with no background in marketing or fitness. 

And you probably didn’t get into the fitness industry to learn how to do this ‘tech’ stuff yourself, did you?

Thats why MYPTWEBSITE exists. 

Over the past 10 years I’ve personally built or consulted on websites that convert prospects into paying customers in several niches: dog grooming, kids party industry, software and yes fitness.

The reason its gone so well I believe is because I started in the fitness industry and learned marketing to be able to get more clients. I grew 2 different fitness businesses. Along the way I learned how to build websites but more specifically websites that convert prospects to customers, websites that position you as the authority and websites that render your competition irrelevant. 

There is a formula to this. Its partly based on the science of motivation, partly based on the principles of direct marketing and partly based on having tested layouts on 1000’s of websites across 100’s of industries to see what converts best. 

Here’s what your expensive ‘web guy’ won’t tell you: building a website isn’t hard. You could learn how to do it yourself for less than £500 inside of a month. Honestly, in 2019 the tools are there for anyone to build good looking websites. But it takes time and time is valuable. Then learning to make it convert is a whole different story. And what if it crashes or gets hacked?

Instead of wasting all that time and money you could just let us do it for you. A short time from now you could have a website that renders your competitors irrelevant, converts more prospects into leads or customers all without having to spend £1000’s. 

What would that do for your fitness business?

3 Factors Your Website Must Have To Stand Out

 #1: The Science Of Getting People To Take Action. 

Ever heard of Self-Determination Theory? Ever heard of the “Motivation Equation”? Ever heard of Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs? Most people haven’t. But scientists have been researching for decades why people take action and why they don’t. There have been books written on this topic such as Drive by Daniel Pink and Influence by Robert Cialdini. Our approach starts with these scientifically proven factors that get people off the fence and taking action.

#2: Direct Response Marketing.

This is as it sounds, its marketing thats designed to get someone to take action NOW, not later. This isn’t about gash looking red headlines or false promises. Its actually about being hyper specific about who you want to work with and crafting a message that speaks directly to them and what they want. This is fundamental to standing out in an increasingly competitive industry and its an approach that has been used since the 1950’s to help small businesses compete with large corporations. 

#3: Conversion Focused Design.

Most people think that design is about making stuff look nice. Whilst that can be true, when it comes to generating leads & customers a nice looking website isn’t enough. We've worked with & hired the best copywriters in the industry and analysed 1000's of websites across multiple industries so we know what converts and what doesn't. 

So we've combined all these factors into something we call...

The Fitness Authority Website Framework

Its a framework we developed that takes all the above into account that helps you clarify your message so your ideal prospects feel like you’re the only option, gets prospects to know, like and trust you all whilst being optimally designed for conversions. 

Its tried, tested and proven to work and if your website or funnel isn’t built on this framework then you’re literally handing over leads to your competitors.

Sack Your "Web Guy"....Save £1000's...Get A Professional Website That Converts Today.get.

Examples Of Sites We've Built For Fitpro's

Website we built for the UK's fastest growing fitness franchise, Fitter Body Ladies. See the live site here

Completely custom 'comic' style website for Coach Deggers. 

My Website Converts Now.....

"I'd paid my web guy thousands for a website that looked nice but didn't really convert.

Not only that but whenever I needed anything changing my web guy wasn't particularly responsive. Then my website disappeared entirely (got hacked or something I don't know) and my web guy was no where to be found. 

Mike rebuilt my website so fast it was unreal. Now I have a simple site and one that converts! Not only that but he showed me how it all works so I'm no longer in the dark when it comes to 'tech'. 

Looking back my site was a shambles before Mike fixed it all.

I can't believe I paid thousands before when Mike has done a far better job." 

- Joe Reeve, https://yourbodyfitness.co.uk

Here is Peter Lants website BEFORE. Pretty dated with no real clear messaging...

Here's a preview of Peter Lant's website AFTER the MYPTWEBSITE treatment. Clear messaging, clear calls to action, modern...

Completely Custom Web Page Design For OmniFood App, 2019

Huge Website Rebuild Done For Gary House's RunStrong Club (he's now making more sales & getting more leads than before)

Listen to this audio message sent to me from a MYPTWEBSITE customer:



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